2 PM - 5:45 PM (EET time)

The Nordic-Baltic region has been exceedingly successful in building world-class startups, scaleups and ecosystems to support this growth. The Nordic-Baltic PE/VC MOMENTUM 2021 conference takes a step further with regional thought leaders analysing what could be the next chapter for the regions' ecosystem innovation to flourish. Join us for a half-day conference on February 17th, 2021 to discuss the ecosystem development strategies with the largest LP-s, GP-s and other regional key players.


With speakers from global, European and regional perspectives, the event creates a unique viewpoint on what could be the next leap for Nordic-Baltic LP activity.


LPs role in bringing European and regional innovation potential to the next level. Nordic-Baltic PE/VC synergies - a possibility to build a winning ecosystem for entrepreneurs, GPs and LPs.


European and regional LPs, including EBRD, Nordic and Baltic VCAs and other relevant industry players.
Is investor mentality different in EU and US? Why do unicorns go and list in the US? What is missing for Europe to be in a better place to enable platform companies? What are the possible structural disadvantages and regulatory constraints holding Europe and Nordic-Baltic region back? How different are Europe, US and Asia from a global LP perspective? This and much more to be discussed at the conference...